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Our Puerto Aventuras charter Fishing boats are the pride of the marina!

Our Puerto Aventuras fishing charter boat crews rank as some of the best in Mexico. English speaking and hard working, they want to catch fish!

Believe it or not, sometimes the crew can't get the second outrigger deployed before there is a sailfish hooked on the first one. I don't just mean during sailfish season either. We have "resident" sailfish as well. After bringing my personal boat down here we thought it was rather auspicious that we caught a sailfish five minutes from the dock on her maiden fishing voyage. The date? November 17th!

Fresh line, quality tackle, fresh bait; let's go fishing!


Large groups have special needs to be considered.

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Sometimes there's nothing quite like fishing by yourself. Don't settle for one of those "shared" boats. We are offering a very Special Offer for Anglers who want to go out by themselves. We can put you in your own private boat!.

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Puerto Aventuras Fishing Charter Boats
Puerto aventuras fishing charter boats catch fish Right outside the marina!

Puerto Aventuras fishing charter boats fish ten minutes from the dock. The Gulf Stream runs 1/2 mile off shore. The "ledge" parallels the coast for miles in both directions. The crystal clear Caribbean waters drop rapidly to 300', then 500' and then 1200'.

If you are a hunter you probably understand the concept of "edge". It's anywhere that there is any type of change in terrain. Animals tend to travel these "edges". It's the same with fish. Any time there is any kind of change there is a likelihood of finding fish. It can be a small rockpile on the bottoom or it can be transient like a big tangle of seaweed.
The "ledge" where bottom drops off is the area's biggest "edge" Here is where you will likely find fish congregating. And that is where you will find the great pelagic predators feeding.Riviera Maya Fishing Map
Look at the map (thank you Google). You can see the ledge and where it parallels the coastline. At Wasabi Loco, we run our Puerto Aventuras fishing charter boats up and down this ledge because it gives us the best chance at catching really big fish. As you look at the map you can easily understand why it's worth the drive to fish from Puerto Aventuras fishing charter boats.

The best of the Riviera Maya fishing charter boats dock at the Marina at Puerto Aventuras. Years ago when the founders of Puerto Aventuras Marina chose this spot for their Marina, they had their pick of what would later become the "Riviera Maya". From an Anglers perspective they chose well as you've read above.

From a broader tourist perspective Puerto Aventuras Marina is well placed because of it's easy access to all of the great attractions that make the Riviera Maya such a wonderful vacation spot.

Puerto Aventuras Marina services from Cancun to the north to Tulum to the south. Travel from Cancun can take up to an hour but ponder this:

If you fish from Cancun you will be one hour from the best deep sea fishing grounds . So, you spend an hour getting there and an hour getting back. That leaves you two hours to fish on a four hour trip.

If you fish from Puerto Aventuras but are staying in Cancun, you spend an hour getting to the fishing grounds and then an hour getting home. BUT, you fish four hours on a four hour charter!!!

Now, I don't have to explain to you that driving an hour in a taxi/shuttle is a WHOLE lot cheaper than running a Sportfishing Boat with twin diesel engines.

Result: Much more fishing for the dollar - More time actually spent fishing.

Once you are south of Cancun, Puerto Aventuras is it as far as real Marinas. They have what they call a marina in Puerto Morelos but there isn't much there. It's actually not much of a marina. In Playa del Carmen and Tulum there are local Pangas for rent. They are inexpensive but you get what you pay for.

Most of the big diesel fishing charter boats call Puerto Aventuras Marina their home.

At Wasabi Loco Sportfishing Adventures we charter only the "best" of the fleet. Modern, well-kept boats with English speaking crews who want to catch fish as much as you do!


Puerto Aventuras

Location of Puerto Aventuras Marina

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